Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ariadna Game Plan For 2012

Keeping to my New Year's resolution to paint all my Ariadna minis before getting anymore I need to document what I have.  First pic is what I've considered tabletop ready- not completely finished but presentable.

Man I really need to get better lighting.  I see many details not painted!
The following pics are my batch-o-WiPs at various stages of completion.  I kind of went all over the place with each one.  Some have washes done, some have highlights and details, but most have a general basecoat.

Generally, I'm cool with the direction I've taken.  I tried priming them white for the first time.  I never primed my minis white before.  So far so good.  I'm happy with the color schemes I've chosen.  Some details like holsters and pouches still need color choices.    I'm quite surprised how well the Highlander's shoulder detail came out.  I was expecting to do several passes on it but luckily only did one.  Now I got to do the tartan... 

Next are the rest of my collection.

Minis next in line
The whole lot. I guess I have more than I originally said. :)
Up until now I really thought I could do this but then Corvus Belli comes out with this...

me wants

This guy will be coming out next month.  I wonder how many minis I'll get done before then, if any.  Wonder how long it will take for me to break.  Ugh.