Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adepticon 2009

My very first A-con is finally over and boy am I exhausted!

The first thing everyone saw was the enormous 14' Ork spaceship.
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More pics here.

The line to registration was tolerable. After a half hour or so waiting in line I got my bag-o-goodies.
I was surprised by the amount of cool things you got.

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Walked around the rather small vendor area. Saw some great Battlestar Galactica minis but decided not to get any.

There were a lot of cool painted armies and I wish I had taken more pictures!
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On Saturday I played a Space Hulk demo. I forgot how fun and easy the game was!

The Team Tournament was on Sunday and overall it was great. It didn't start well, but as the day went on, the more I enjoyed it.
Team 'Green Legs and Sqeeks' in all its glory!

Our first game was against VC and Demons. What an evil list! It wasn't even fun. The hightlight of the game (if you can call it that) was when my slaves rolled 'snake eyes' for their break test. Talk about insanely stupid courage! First game, Lost.

Second game was against Goblins and Nurgle. Not as tough as the last game but they did have the Great Unlean One and 4 spear chukkas. Nice players though; funny too. Weirdest game of the day. Never saw so many 1s rolled on both sides. Highlight of the game would have to be my gutter runners popping up near their chukkas and wiping them out. Draw.

Third game was against Warriors of Chaos and Demons. This was probably the most enjoyable. Really nice folks from Ohio. Tough list but still not as tough as our previous opponents. Closest game of the tree too. Draw.

Final record: 0-2-1.

For more insight, check out my teammate's post of Adepticon.

Additional pics courtesy of prelude_to_war.