Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mini Break Update

Well I'm done with my little side project, for now. The Lupines are table top worthy and if my gaming group will play more often I'll go back and work on them some more.
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I'm happy with them. They turned out pretty good I think.

Also did some doodling over the weekend. Been awhile since I put pencil to paper, felt a bit rusty. Pencil and Photoshop, 6-8 hours in a span of 2 days.
I've had this idea for quite some time and wanted to make a conversion of it. But, seeing as how I work at a snail's pace when it comes to this hobby I figure I should just draw it. Based off of the Jai alai's cesta I thought it would be cool for a Globadier to use one to lob globes with. I imagined this version of a globadier as part of a weapon team: the lobber and the globe handler. I should go back and finish the second skaven :P

C&C as always!

Now off to paint more Skaven!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini Break

Adepticon wore me out, and I only played one tournament. A team tourney even! So, I've given myself a break from my rats and work on something else.

A few friends started playing a game called Warlord by Reaper Miniatures. It's a skirmish type game similar to GW's Mordheim. It's a nice little game and I was instantly drawn to their Lupine faction. Unfortunately, I didn't care much for their minis. My story would have stopped there but I absolutely love Rackham's Wolfen minis from their Confrontation game. It was a great excuse to pick them up and with a quick base swap- voila!

They are prepainted minis but they aren't bad actually. With maybe a little wash and highlights it'll look great I think. In the end, I did pick up the Moor Hound, my only Reaper mini in the bunch and the only real painting I'll have to do for this project. This shouldn't take me long... knock on wood.

I haven't completely taken my rats off the list though. My next step for them will be to bring them up to 1500 points. At first, I thought it'll be another big project for me. But, after taking a look at a couple mock lists it's not as bad as I thought. I have a few options...

1) add a plague monk(20)+censer(5) unit which are mostly painted
2) add a jezzail unit(7-8) that hasn't even been primed
3) add a giant rat(3 packs) unit that's half painted
4) add a rat ogre(3) unit that are done except for their packmasters
5) add a warp lightning cannon that's half done but I want to add a base to it that needs a bit of planning

Although the rat ogres are practically done, they really suck game-wise so I'm a bit reluctant adding them to my army. I can pretty much do a combination of any of them except with #1 which would use much of the 500 points.