Monday, December 14, 2009

Skaven Update #13

Well it has certainly been a long few months. Work has been quite busy as of late and only just recently I've been able to sneak in a little bit of hobby time. So onto the WiPs!

Skaven,plague monks Skaven,plague monks Skaven,plague monks Skaven,plague monks

With all the current Skaven hype I thought I'd go back to my old plague monk unit and see if I can finally finish them. They are about half way done. I still need to figure out what to do with the banner. So far I think they are coming along nicely.


This little guy will be added to one of my slave units. Pretty close to finishing him, just final highlights and static grass.


Finally got paint on this CAV/Mechwarrior conversion. I'd like to paint additional details to the mini but I'm unsure as to what. I thought about adding hazard yellow/black stripes but I'm not sure where to put it. I'll need to look at some more mech pictures for ideas.

I've been seeing a lot of great Skaven conversions and been taking notes! Hopefully I'll be able to jump in with the rest and start creating my own warlitter, rat ogre bodyguard, abomination... *gulp*!

Other Skaven related news...

I've been an Underempire member for a few years now and I've had my avatar for about just as long. There's actually a tiny bit of history behind my avatar. Another Underempire member was in a middle of an ambitious project trying to make an old school, 8-bit style, Skaven-themed, role playing game and was requesting help. I eagerly volunteered my services and I ended up working on the environment tiles and the main character, Sharpfang. Long story short, the project lost steam and I was left with a bit of unused art. As a result, Sharpfang became my avatar ever since. In fact, I've used the Sharpfang avatar on all the other GW message boards that I've joined.

Just recently I noticed a new Underempire member using my avatar. I wasn't ticked or peeved. I was actually a bit flattered. But, it did make me want to create another skaven sprite. Just what would it be?