Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How much is that PS3 in the window?

I recently read an article about upcoming PS3 titles that's due out this year and let me tell you it's going to be excruciatingly tempting for me to just go out to Best Buy and buy a system. Coming out this year: Burnout: Paradise, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid, and Grand Theft Auto IV. I'm all excited(borderline giddy) seeing these games get released as I am a huge fan of their PS2, PSOne and even their SNES versions (Sorry, I never did play the NES version of Metal Gear; I was a Sega Master System kid).

Thinking it through though, I'd have to still pick up the $500 system in addition to the games I really want- at $60 a pop! Ouch! That's $800!!! Even with the recent tax rebate it doesn't look worthwhile... especially if I'm still happy playing games like Puzzle Quest, Disgaea, and Final Fantasy XII on my PS2. Looks like I'll be waiting yet another year which is fine by me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hi folks! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. I know it's been awhile since I posted anything so here's something that happened recently that I wanted to share.

A few weeks ago I had bought a GamesWorkshop Warhammer Giant box at a local game store(LGS) as a gift for myself(woohoo me!). About a week ago I finally opened the box to check out all the nice pieces. As soon as I opened the box I noticed I got 2 of the same sprue! What a downer! I was ready to start brainstorming on how to build this beast and this happens?!?! I quickly imagined the idiot who packed the box. Then it dawned on me that a couple of weeks had already past and I wasn't even sure I still had the receipt. Of course, as I was about to prepare myself to dig through a week old smelly trash bin I looked over and it was right underneath the box itself.

The following weekend I brought it over to the LGS hoping to painlessly and quickly exchange my worthless box with another. Needless to say they didn't have one. I was now forced to call GW customer service, postponing my 'giant brainstorming' (pun kinda intended) even longer. I was already dreading the call- anticipating rude operators, long waits, and an even longer shipping time.

So I called. I told my story, gave my personal info, and the operator told me I'll be getting a box in the mail. I was quite surprised how much we had covered in such little time. The conversation sounded like it was about to end when I soon realized that he didn't ask which pieces were missing. I quickly blurted out the missing pieces to him before anybody hung up. The operator then informs me that they don't give out pieces for this model so he's just going to send me another box. Wow! And just like that GW went up several notches on my cool meter.

And after a few short days I got my brand new complete Giant box! Thanks, GW Customer Service!

On a side note...
I didn't realize GW changed the packaging for the Giant box. The replacement box I got was thinner and the art was changed from landscape to portrait view.

Off topic... Progress on my Skaven has been really slow these past few weeks. I only managed to paint a rank of slaves. It wasn't even a complete paint job. I actually just drybrushed 5 minis. Well its progress, right?