Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Thursday, What Else Is New?

I've held off my Skaven projects until I get the new book. With all the rat talk about rules and stuff I don't want to be making/painting anything that I won't be using. Hearing about my nightrunners and gutter runners becoming rank and file, for example, is making me reconsider the way I assembled them. I intentionally used the large tails because they were skirmishers. Now that they are ranked they're going to be a real pain in the ass lining them up. Once I get the rulebook I'll be able to straighten all this out.

In the meantime, I've been keeping sort of busy with these...

Do you have a bunch of old Mechwarrior minis collecting dust? Want to use them somehow? Buy a weapons pack from Reaper's CAV line and tada!

I have an old WE treeman and added a couple branch bitz from the dryad sprue and came up with this:
treeman,Warhammer treeman,Warhammer
Don't know much about treemen but thought the mini was cool at the time. The new treemen minis are way bigger so this would have to be a treekin.

In other news, I saw great episode of Castle a couple nights ago called Vampire Weekend. If you are a Nathan Fillion fan from the Firefly(sniff sniff) days watch it. If you like anything Nathan Fillion you're probably a fan of the crime show already. Check it out at ABC or on Hulu.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Rats, More Problems Pt. 2

So I just just saw the new Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace kit and OMG they are huge! There's no doubt they look awesome but man it's borderline over the top. The previous bells were 2x6 or 40x60mm and these 2 look like they're 60x100mm big. Maybe I'm just used to the last 2 versions and seeing these is a bit of shock. Are large unit types like dragons, stegadons, and hydras the new trend these days? Will we be seeing a new Empire War Shrine or Griffin in the future? Or how about a big Dwarf train? It's like GW is trying to replicate the large scale of 40K Apocalypse with it's tanks, stompas, and valkyries.

If I see a second wave of Skaven releases and I see an Abomination plastic kit I'll certainly crack.

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Rats, More Problems

GW posted new pictures of the new Skaven today and guess what- I am in love with them all and that really sucks for my wallet.

Just really awesome. The style closely resembles the fifth edition version with the crested helmets. The similar reddish color schemes also reinforces their similarities. I currently have 2 units of 20 Stormvermin and seeing how the new box is going for $50, I don't think this will be part of my initial purchase.

These are also great. I noticed that they have 2 different sizes, one taller than the other. The taller minis look more heavily armored while the smaller ones have little to no armor. Possible slave/clanrat mix? It'll be curious to see how these will compare to the previous minis. In any case these will definitely be a first buy.

I think my absolute favorite from this wave. Very streamlined and more steam-punk looking. It looks more like a 2nd generation Doomwheel rather than a different take or a re-imagined warmachine. My biggest concern is how much of a pain it will be to assemble and paint it. I anticipate much planning. It's a good thing it's plastic; that's half the battle.

I thought the old model was great but it was way too big for it's base- like a lot of the character minis back then. This Snikch looks great with the 3 poisoned daggers. The cape flowing upwards feels a bit too stylized for my taste but considering that the mini seems to fit it's base better than the previous mini that's a good thing in my book.

New character?! Bonus! From the fluff it sounds like he'll be a Hero type. Personally for a horde army where quantity over quality is best, I think there should be more Hero types than Lord. But that's just me. Anyway the warpstone- tipped cat-o-nine tails looks sweet!

I think the coolest character of the 3 characters. Not too crazy about his leaping pose but I can live with it. Not sure if I'll pick him, or the other characters for that matter, up in my initial purchase but sure enough I will sooner or later.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the quality of the models especially the Doomwheel. Quite surprised really. Which to buy first? Well aside from the book I think the Doomwheel and the Clanrat box- you can never have enough of clanrats! I am so much into the look of the new D-wheel that I really want it. As for the others I can live without them... for now. So kudos to GW for a great start!

Looks like I'll be eating Ramen for awhile...