Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Very Excruciatingly Tempting

I was planning on passing the 8th edition big red book and just wait a couple months for the mini rulebook that's included in the starter set. Granted it's a gorgeous book with lots of pictures but it's freaking $75!!! So then I get this newsletter from an internet store that I subscribed to offering the book 25% off retail plus $3 shipping. Dangit! So tempting! Argh! Do I or Don't I? Stay tune to see if I break...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Skaven Update #16

It was close but I finally finished my entry to Underempire's monthly painting contest: Rare Unit. Although there are some really great entries I actually had expected more people participating this time around. Bit of a bummer considering the amount of conversions I've been seeing on the forums. Tough to beat those abomination conversions. Surprised to see there were a couple of classic doomwheels and no new ones. Overall really great stuff. Anyway I'm still unsure if I'm happy with the end result so I ended up not gluing certain pieces. Also the banner pole is a little too bare for my liking. I'll have to add an actual banner sometime.

Currently, I'm finishing a small group of 7 metal plague censer bearers. I'm also about to start on my next project which will be for next month's contest: Single Character. Work however has started to pick up again so who knows how much time I'll get these next few weeks.