Monday, December 10, 2007

Skaven Progress #2

I've been able to do some painting over the past few weekends since Thanksgiving. Here's what I've got on my table so far...

I still haven't done the final step(putting on the static grass) on this clanrat unit yet. I'm not sure why I'm dragging my feet with these guys either.

I worked on my slaves a bit more. I finished overbrushing(heavy drybrushing) them and also put an ink wash over the whole unit. I'll probably either start base coating certain parts or drybrush a lighter shade of brown next.

I've also finished basing all 5 of my rat ogres(2x 5th ed. and 3x 6th ed.), started base coating an old grey seer mini, and this guy...

Although he looks a tad bit washed out in the pic, I do like how he turned out. At least I finished something these past few weeks, right? :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Geek Nite VII

Had another great time at the annual Geek Nite this past Thanksgiving break. It was technically called 'Nerd Night' in the invite but I think Geek Night is better suited. Every year a bunch of geeky guys hang out to do one thing- play boardgames. There was also an XBOX 360 it the corner and movies playing in the background, but ultimately we aim to play boardgames- play boardgames until the wee hours of the night. GN7 for me lasted 'til 3am.

First game I played was Wings of War. It's the third time I've ever played and I really like it. It has great simple(really simple) mechanics and its a blast to play everyman for himself. Unfortunately, the guy who owned it hadn't bought the other expansions which limited the number of players(we were hoping to play 6+) and hadn't or wasn't willing to teach us the expanded rules. It was unfortunate because I was really aching to learn more. I'd definitely buy this game if wasn't for the WWI theme- just doesn't interest me. Don't get me wrong the production quality is great and I'd play this in a heartbeat, I just don't care for biplanes is all. Fantasy Flight did recently put out a WWII version of WofW and that I could pay for... unless of course one of my friends is willing to buy it :)

The second game was MagBlast, another great quick game by Fantasy Flight. A bit chaotic and random for my taste but it's still loads of fun with friends.

The third game was Tannhauser which I brought. Wasn't sure how it was going to turn out since it would be my first time to play it and there were 8 of us willing to play. Overall it was ok. I didn't play with all the rules which was a bit of a bummer but with 8 players playing for the first time- it could get overwhelming. I don't think I can see this game played with anymore than six with the option of using soldiers as community pawns. There are just too many characters and items with specific rules. First game run thrus are usually rough and I do like the game so hopefully I can play this again with the full rules.

The fourth game was another game of MagBlast. Not sure I should even count this as my fourth game since I was taken out before I got to take my first turn! Yeah , like I said before, "chaotic and random".

The last game I played was Ticket to Ride. It was the first time for me to play. Great game. Like the first game, Wings of War, it was simple and fun to play. Funny enough I also didn't care for trains. I might however make an exception to this because of how easy the game is but complex enough for adults that I could see myself pick this one up. Here's hoping one of my friends picks this one up too :)

Until next year!