Monday, June 27, 2011

Here We Go...

Well here's a wip of my first Infinity mini, SAS. There are still quite a few details that need to be done like the camo pattern on his pants. The details are intricate and small and strained my eyes sooner than expected. I really need better lighting to do this. It's a good thing I'm painting those rat ogres at the same time.

I call him Beachhead. :P

Haven't started on the Tankhunter yet. His assembly is a little more complicated than I thought and had to ask a couple questions on the forums.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Skaven Update #32

Quick update here:
Well, I was going to say that I was finished with these guys but as soon as I uploaded the pictures I noticed a couple details that were overlooked. I'm gonna have to touch those areas up.
Started repainting the next batch of rat ogres.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Potpourri of Sorts

I've been working on different things this past week. Here's what I've done so far in my ADD-induced state:
All finally based. A couple need some green stuff loving but the rest are ready for priming. Also threw in Throt in the mix to get the Moulder groove going.
Painting-wise this was it for the rat ogres unfortunately, which was part of the reason I chose not to include it to my usual Skaven Updates.
The bottom half of the rat ogre on the left shows the original coat. The top half is coated with Elf Flesh. The rat ogre on the right shows the final look. It has been painted with a coat of Elf Flesh then a generous wash of Gryphonne Sepia. Both still needs work though.
One morning I stopped by my workstation and had a sudden urge to magnetize the captain, anticipating that I could swap him for another knight or something. I had planned on this for awhile, but it was just weird that I had to do it that moment. Made me late for work too! Hahaha, ahem...
Worked on a couple of Reaper minis intended to be Warhammer proxies. First is a Reaper Thug that I wanted to use as an Empire Militia champion- I'm pretty sure they have champions, right? I got stuck working on the shiny metal. Second, I thought this looked to be a perfect proxy since GW's is just simply terrible. Not much to this, added a VC coffin shield and worked on the base a bit.
Last but not least are the start of my Infinity collection! These are wicked minis, but my only gripe is these are very delicate pieces. The handle bar for the Tankhunter is really soft and has flash. I'm really hesitant to do any fix on it. The knife arm for the SAS is also soft and I'm worried in time after much handling it might break off. It maybe just these particular minis but they are definitely not for kids. Still I can't help but think how cool these minis will be once I get some paint on them!
Oh, I even did another sprite. That's now 2 and counting!