Thursday, February 7, 2008

Skaven Update #3

First Skaven update of the year!

Finished painting a unit of slaves. Next I'll have to do their bases.

I also started a few other minis. Yes that is a dwarf you see. I got it free in a order I placed from GW. They used to put in a free random mini with your order. Unfortunately, they stopped doing that.

I applied a different technique on Veskrit the Assassin's skin and it appears to stand out more than the skin on the slaves. Should I go back and touch up the slaves? Maybe going back to the clanrats also?

I recently talked to buddy of mine and began to reminisce the good old gaming days of Warhammer Epic. I think it was just called Space Marine back in the day. Anyway, the talk got me looking for the minis and found this...

It's suppose to be a Slasha Gargant(wow, things you remember) that someone made for me. I don't think I was able to afford the actual mini at the time so this happened. There were a couple people that scratch-built me a couple of Gargants so I could play the larger games. After looking at this now I'm not quite so sure whose this Gargant this is.