Saturday, September 6, 2014

Working On Two

Decided on finishing an old mini, Caledonian Mormoar.  It's been at this poor unfinished state for a long long time, like many of my minis unfortunately.

I also took somewhat better pics of my somewhat finished Cameronian.  'Better' in the sense that they look less saturated and closer to the actual colors.

Update:  I haven't gotten around to finishing updating the broken links of my old posts yet.  Links from the beginning of the blog(2007) to 2009 still needs fixing.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

INFINITY Ariadna Cameronian

Life and work took much of my time but it's finally done... sorta.

I had to redo the belted plaid (sash looking thing). It's not bad for being my first tartan but then again it's also not good, haha.  The forearm plates took unexpectedly long.  I left them last thinking they would be the easiest to do.  The paint or my washes weren't setting right.  This took few times to get it to an okay look. I should go back and maybe weather it to hide the mediocre work.  I suspect my troubles may have been due to a bad primer coat.  Grrr.

At least my Skaven warlord is coming along nicely.  Still needs a lot of work but I'm happy with the way it's progressing- no hiccups so far.  Shoot, I may have jinxed myself!

Still deciding on which mini to add next but I'm leaning towards another Infinity fig- just not sure which one.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Working On Two

Still working on the Cameronian but added a skaven warlord.

I got the tartan started, now I just have to finish it.  After the tartan, I need to work on it's forearm guards and paint an 'X' on it's shoulder pad.  After those are done and maybe some touch ups and details I can happily say 'DONE'!

I have a pretty good start on the warlord too- rather quickly it seems.  Deciding on how to do the banner writings.  Not sure whether I should freehand it or use decals.  I'm leaning towards decals at the moment because it's quicker and I won't go crazy. 

I plan on finishing the Cameronian before completing the skaven warlord though.  Hopefully when the next post comes around it'll be of a finished Cameronian and an introduction of another mini!

Until next time!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


So I kinda finished my MERCS mini.

Overall I am okay with it.  A couple things I do like are the base and the shoulder pad insignia.  I'm actually happier with the base than the mini itself, haha.  I used GW's Agrellan Earth for the first time which is a technical paint that cracks when dries.  It's a real nice effect and I may want to theme the bases of my new Haqq minis around this.  The skull insignia took 3 or 4 times to get to a point I was happy with it.

Anyway, since I'm not playing the game I can call it done and be okay with it. (I wish I can say the same for my Skaven!)

So that means my Cameronian is next!  Until next time, Happy 4th!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Working On Two

So I started focusing on these 2...

A MERC and an Infinity Cameronian.  The MERC I got free from this years Adepticon.  A nice mini.  The pose is cool albeit derivative but cool nonetheless.  The Cameronian is coming along slowly.  I'm dragging my feet with this mini because I really don't want to do the tartan.  Eh, we'll see how this goes.  At least I'm painting again.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Focus... something I need at the moment.

Too... many... minis...