Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tablewar Mini Case Kickstarter Mini Review

Back in October 2013 I got the chance to back Tablewar's Mini Case project.  I was already breaking in the half-size case that I bought earlier that year.  While the half-size case is awesome and perfect for Infinity it's still cumbersome for a short guy like me.  It's great if you are tall fellas like the Tablewar owners Doug and Todd.  I won't even bother with full size.  So when I heard they were starting a Kickstarter for an even smaller case I was sold.

After three short months, it's here!  First impression it's small, of course.  Holding it and carrying it around though feels hefty and rugged.  The way the front part comes off is different than my half size case which sometimes comes off when it wants too.  This one stays on and you have to pull up to take it off.  I really like the mini case and I think I am more motivated/inclined to go out to tournaments due it's portability and ease of displaying your miniatures.

TableWar Half Size case (Mk 1) to Mini case comparison.

Everything that came with my Kickstarter.

Here it is with unit trays from the half case and most of my Ariadna.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Supporting in my Own Way

Hiya folks.

I have been really busy with work and haven’t had any time to do any hobby stuff.  No painting, no assembling, no priming- nothing.  It really sucks.  But being stuck in front of the computer did get me to work on a hobby related project.

A few months ago, a member of Dakka Dakka initiated a little Infinity promotional campaign.  Part of the campaign was to create banners for the message boards.  I volunteered and after a few iterations, they are all done!  You can check the official post HERE or see them below! :)

I had fun working on them.  At least I was doing something Infinity related.  Hopefully, they'll like them.  Anyway, if you are a Dakka member and love Infinity like I do, please show your support and add one to your signature. 

Merry Christmas!

Friday, October 11, 2013

How About An Infinity Update?

I got around to prepping some Infinity figs recently.  All Ariadna plus one Aleph.  I primed the Cameronian (the big wolf dude).  I hope to prime the rest sometime over the weekend.

I also got most of my Bandua buildings built.  I'd like to prime them too if I have time.  Have a nice weekend! 

Just a heads up if you haven't seen this yet, TABLEWAR started a Kickstarter earlier this week.  It's for their mini case.  If you play skirmish war games this is for you.  If you transport delicate minis/figurines this case is for you.  If you are fed up with your minis breaking in your foam trays this is for you.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Friday!

Here's a badass sci-fi concept trailer, KELOID!  Enjoy!

Pretty good inspiration for Infinity, yes?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Skaven Update #33!

Time for an update!  A Skaven update no less!

Finally got my hands on the new rat ogres.  I don’t play Warhammer anymore so I took my time to pick up a set for really cheap.

Getting them assembled was real simple and straight forward but executing it took a bit of time.  Although the fittings didn’t need glue they were really tight.  I was afraid I’d break something as I was trying to put pieces together.  I’m still not confident I put them together flush and tight.

Anyway, despite that I like the sculpts.  Really nice design.  I do wish their poses could have been more different.  Too bad they only put out 2 designs.

What really disappointed me was how close their size was to the previous rat ogre models.  From the pictures on the web and magazines I had imagined them a little bigger, at least a tad taller.

Eh, whatevs.  I’ve got’em finally and now my rat ogre unit is complete!  But so when’s the next time I’ll paint my skaven?  That’s a good question.  I’d like to know that too.

Oh I have another skaven-related news! What?   I have another conversion idea.  I’ve been slowly picking up bitz online.  Once I have all the pieces or I find out my plan won’t work I’ll let you know.

Other news?

Video games: Finished Red Dead Redemption.  Waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5 to drop in price (means I’ll probably pick it up sometime next year).  Playing Batman Arkham City.

Tabletop games: Avoiding Star Wars: X-Wing but interested in Star Trek: Attack Wing.

Comics:  Loving Marvel’s Infinity story arc.

Miniatures:  Brainstorming on making a display board for my Infinity army.  Picked up some Bandua terrain.  Admiring Corvus Belli's Infinity artbook.  Mmm, pretty pictures.

Monday, August 5, 2013

C2E2 2013

I know that C2E2 2013 was well over 3 months ago but I thought I should still post about it.  I went to support a fellow colleague of mine that is currently putting out his first comic book.

He's the dude that is giving the 2 thumbs up.  The other 2 are his buddies.  Anyway his comic is called the Revival, not to be confused with the "rural noir" zombie themed Revival comic.  His Revival is about the toys we grew up with during the 80s.  Ah nostalgia!  Anyway he is amazing.  If you are interested in his comic go HERE.  If you want to check out his Deviant Art page go HERE.

Overall it was fun time even if I only went for one day.  I'm kinda glad I did 'cause I would have spent a lot of $$$.

In other news...  I've been assembling and basing a lot of my Infinity minis hoping to prime a bunch before it gets cold outside. If you play Infinity you know that terrain is a crucial part of the game.  About a month ago I was at my LGS picked up Bandua's terrain set.

I hope to post something soon about these... well sooner than 3 months.  :)