Sunday, September 16, 2007

Skaven Progress #1a

I thought I was going to be finished with my clanrats this weekend but things came up and I also had to work over the weekend. However, I did manage to finish basing the rest of the unit(still got to paint them tho) and start basing their movement tray. Close but still no cigar. Maybe this week will be different.

UPDATE: I'm finally done basing my clanrat unit and its movement tray. I now have to wait and let them dry. I still need to put a coat of PVA glue over the sand before I can paint and add static grass. Getting close!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Skaven Progress #1

Let's get down to business! I play Warhammer Fantasy and Skaven is my army. Like many of you I've accumulated a bit over the years(it's a modest size- possibly around 4-5000 points worth). And of course like many of you my collecting has surpassed my painting. So now I've decided to bite the bullet and really try to paint my entire Skaven collection. Quite ambitious, I know, considering my slow pace and lack of motivation. It might even be just a phase for all I know- I have had painting phases before after all. But I think by documenting myself on this blog and visually seeing my progress, this will really help me get more motivated and bring my Skaven army closer to completion!

So now onto to my WIPs!

This past couple weeks I've been working on a unit of 30 clanrats. They are almost done. I'm done painting them and I've just recently based half. Hopefully I can finish them this weekend.

I must have ADD or something because I can never focus on one unit at a time. Here are the other Skaven units that I've been painting off and on while painting the clanrat unit above:

plague monks: I'm pretty happy how the robes came out. This one is close to getting done! Yay me!

rat ogres: A couple units of rat ogres divided by edition. I plan to make the 5th edition ones(the 2 in the back) a bit more fleshy and sickly because, well, they do kinda look sickly.

plague lord and plague censer bearer: UnderEmpire had a painting contest last month that I wanted to enter and these two and a plague monk were going to be my entries. Unfortunately I lost track of time and missed the deadline. Oh well, maybe next time.

For some reason I started on these knowing very well my plate is already full. Go figure. I guess it's better to have paint on them than no paint at all.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello There!

Hi! Welcome to my blog on anything gaming and other geeky goodness. For the most part, I'll be using this blog to post everything that's anything gaming-related. Whether it be from my miniature painting progress to reviews of recent games and products I've seen or played to spontaneous ranting I feel that needs to be documented. Thanks for checking it out!