Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tablewar Mini Case Kickstarter Mini Review

Back in October 2013 I got the chance to back Tablewar's Mini Case project.  I was already breaking in the half-size case that I bought earlier that year.  While the half-size case is awesome and perfect for Infinity it's still cumbersome for a short guy like me.  It's great if you are tall fellas like the Tablewar owners Doug and Todd.  I won't even bother with full size.  So when I heard they were starting a Kickstarter for an even smaller case I was sold.

After three short months, it's here!  First impression it's small, of course.  Holding it and carrying it around though feels hefty and rugged.  The way the front part comes off is different than my half size case which sometimes comes off when it wants too.  This one stays on and you have to pull up to take it off.  I really like the mini case and I think I am more motivated/inclined to go out to tournaments due it's portability and ease of displaying your miniatures.

TableWar Half Size case (Mk 1) to Mini case comparison.

Everything that came with my Kickstarter.

Here it is with unit trays from the half case and most of my Ariadna.