Friday, March 29, 2013

Marching On

Adepticon is less than a month away!  Arrrgh!

I picked up a few more Infinity this month including the Briscards box plus one Loup Garou which I quickly assembled and based.  Great, more minis to prime.  I heard it'll be warm this weekend so I may be able to prime these guys finally.


I plan on making my tokens for Infinity as the MAS tokens while nice is a tad expensive.  I picked up a 1 inch hole puncher, bought a bag of 25mm wooden discs and printed out a sheet of markers.


The hole puncher cuts them a hair larger than the discs but it doesn't bother me.  Now to punch out just the tokens I need for the tourney.

I took a pic of my Skaven in its current state for 2013 and this is how it looks...

Looking a little dated maybe.  I'm thinking of selling a couple of my extra units to pick up one of the new units like an abom.  But, all this will have to wait until after Adepticon.