Monday, December 23, 2013

Supporting in my Own Way

Hiya folks.

I have been really busy with work and haven’t had any time to do any hobby stuff.  No painting, no assembling, no priming- nothing.  It really sucks.  But being stuck in front of the computer did get me to work on a hobby related project.

A few months ago, a member of Dakka Dakka initiated a little Infinity promotional campaign.  Part of the campaign was to create banners for the message boards.  I volunteered and after a few iterations, they are all done!  You can check the official post HERE or see them below! :)

I had fun working on them.  At least I was doing something Infinity related.  Hopefully, they'll like them.  Anyway, if you are a Dakka member and love Infinity like I do, please show your support and add one to your signature. 

Merry Christmas!