Friday, January 25, 2013

Slowly But Surely

It's been been weeks since I last painted.  I finally had a chance to paint last night but didn't really have any focus.  I had no motivation to work on a single mini and ended up jumping from one mini to another.  I think it's because I cluttered up my hobby work station.  So, I cleared the area except 2 minis and started painting.  

still WIPs

Duroc is closest to finishing I think.  After him I'd like to finish Margot to complete the team.

Adepticon is getting closer so I need to start thinking of what to bring for the Infinity tourney.  Duroc came out pretty good, I wonder if I should go Merovingian?

I've been neglecting my Skaven a bit so there might be a small project coming up with them.  I'm not sure if I should continue with my rat ogres or work on things that coincide with UnderEmpire's monthly painting competition.

I also finally finished XCOM: Enemy Unknown and was extremely satisfying.  The tactical aspect of the game felt like a lite version of Infinity which is pretty cool.  I guess that's why I had free time to paint, ha!