Monday, October 26, 2015

Adepticon 2015

The Renaissance Hotel
Bigger and more importantly, closer venue!  Now it’s  just on the other side of town!

Unfortunately, this year’s Acon was really short for me.  I missed out on the first 2 days due to work.  I thought I would have the whole Saturday but had to leave for a bit for a family thing.  I did go back to meet up with some old friends.  Finally on Sunday I just wandered around some more in the vendor hall and met up with a couple more old friends before calling it a day.

This year’s swag bag was pretty cool which included a number of sweet things:

1) Warmachine starter box- Menoth this time.  Now I have 2 factions for this game.
2) Robotech veritech sprue- Looking forward to putting this together.  I had been curious about the minis although I am noticing far too many small parts.  I am concerned.
3) 2 Reaper paints- Can never have too many paints!
4) 1 Games and Gears painbrush- Ooh fancy!
5) Relic Knights character box- Kinda cool but a little too much anime.
6) Wargames Illustrated magazine- Nice mag.  Will have to peruse this.
7) And a handful of nicely sculpted minis- Mostly nice.  I like the variety.  Helps with painting I think.

I took pictures.  I tried using my trusty old camera but it’s more old than trusty now.  So, I ended up using my phone instead.  You can check them all out, including some of this year's Crystal Brush entries, HERE.

Down this empty hall, the best miniature game is being played. :)
The biggest highlight for me was seeing the great Infinity tables.  Their location was a little out of the way and secluded which kind of sucks.  If you were lucky enough to find the room you were in for a real treat.  So many great tables with awesome terrain.  If you missed out, I suggest you search them out the next year!

Apologies for such a really late post.  I actually had this post all done and ready but forgot to actually put it up!  The good news is that I've been busy playing and painting a lot more Infinity which I hope to share soon!

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