Sunday, July 13, 2014

Working On Two

Still working on the Cameronian but added a skaven warlord.

I got the tartan started, now I just have to finish it.  After the tartan, I need to work on it's forearm guards and paint an 'X' on it's shoulder pad.  After those are done and maybe some touch ups and details I can happily say 'DONE'!

I have a pretty good start on the warlord too- rather quickly it seems.  Deciding on how to do the banner writings.  Not sure whether I should freehand it or use decals.  I'm leaning towards decals at the moment because it's quicker and I won't go crazy. 

I plan on finishing the Cameronian before completing the skaven warlord though.  Hopefully when the next post comes around it'll be of a finished Cameronian and an introduction of another mini!

Until next time!

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Chris said...

Hey bro, I found you on the infinity forums and I heard you live in schaumburg. I'm still sort of new to infinity but I live in schaumburg, I was hoping you could tell me where some LGS's are and stuff. Thanks :] I live on Rossele and Kristin Cr, next to the interstate near Harper College.